Gail Sylvester
Your Mortgage Broker

Gail has been working together with her clients for the past 20 years, guiding them in making the right financial decision that best suits them and their families needs. With a variety of lenders and options to work with, there will always be a solution to put in place. Whether that is today or putting together a plan for the future, Gail is here to help !

Let Gail work with you, to show you how she can make a difference in your daily financial life through discussions on your needs and to ensure you are not house poor or living beyond your means. 

Gail can also help you understand any of the emotional blocks you are carrying when it comes to your budget setting and your spending habits. 

Money is energy ! 

You need to be aware of the focus you put on your finances, whether that is through unconscious habits or with intention. Sometimes just not knowing where to begin, is the unknown that will keep you exactly where you are today, feeling frustrated and unable to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Don't let doubt and old habits keep you where you are today. We all have goals that we want to achieve, so let's work together to put that plan in place for your next steps. 

Whether you are buying your first home, moving to your next home or looking to refinance to increase cash flow, contact Gail today to get the conversation started. There is no better time than the present to get your plan into Action ....