Online Spending – To Click or Not To Click?


But it’s 50% off.

This statement lands many online shoppers in trouble over the holiday season.  It is so easy to click your way into purchasing 100’s of items online, leaving you with inflated bills to contend with in January. 

Bills you can’t afford to pay are no fun.

When shopping online, the design of the website lures you in with perceived deals, promised savings, and shiny images. It is all very theatrical. 

You see it.  You want it.  You click on it. Done. 

Retailers want you to keep shopping all day long, and they have perfected the art of encouraging click-shopping.  However, after the hype has settled, and you are left with items you don’t want, consumer remorse sets in. 

To avoid remorse this season, follow these simple steps:

  • Delay your purchase by one day
  • Budget for holiday shopping
  • Never pay for faster shipping
  • Restrict your screen time
  • Avoid the “You may also like” section!

Delaying your purchase gives you the chance to back out without consequence. You will get to enjoy the fun or shopping and clicking but walk away with a full cart and revisit your purchases the next day.  With a small delay before purchase, you will eliminate impulse buying and overspending.

Ask yourself - can I afford these items?

Asking yourself this not-so-fun-question will save you heartache in the new year.  The thing is, the opportunity to shop never goes away.  After the holidays, there will be boxing day shopping and end of season sales and, and, and.  So, if you can’t afford the items now, there will be more items right around the corner.  Keep reminding yourself that retail uses marketing to create urgency - the urgency is false. There will always be another opportunity, so allow yourself some breathing room to revisit your budget before you click. 

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