New Trend: Parents using Real Estate to Finance Child’s Future

As a parent, you will do anything to give your child an advantage in life.  With rising home prices in the GTA, parents are co-signing loans and mortgages with their children to help them get approval.  There are several ways to approach co-finance a property with your children, at Gail Sylvester Mortgages, we will help you explore which option is the best option for you.

Parents Supporting Kids by Co-signing Mortgages

Co-signing loans or mortgages is a way to help your kids sign a lease or a mortgage as many young people do not have the wealth, credit history, or appropriate salary to qualify on their own.   Some view co-signing as a risky option, and it can be.  The best way to approach co-signing is to have the proper provisions in place to ensure your child understands the gravity of missed payments. Owning property together is a fantastic way to teach debt management in real-time.  Co-signing is not an agreement to pay the payments, it is lending your support to give your child a head start in a real estate market with increasingly strict qualifying measures.


Purchase an Investment Property for Your Child

Saving for your child’s future can be done with RESP, TIFSA, and, perhaps, a less traditional option, Real Estate.  It may be unconventional but, purchasing a rental property, typically a rapidly appreciating asset, provides the opportunity for immediate passive income and an asset that can be sold to pay for school, a down payment, or a business venture at the age of maturity.  Real Estate provides flexible options for your child in the future.

Protect your Child from Crippling Debt

 Helping your child understand finances at a young age will empower them to make sound financial decisions in adulthood. Co-signing or co-owning a property with your child will allow them to see first-hand how smart money management requires sacrifice and hard work while offering valuable rewards.  Learning money management skills will help the entire family develop healthy financial habits. 

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