How to Fall in Love With Your Budget

Thinking about creating a budget can invoke a lot of negative feelings.  Budgets bring up memories of saving up for those fantastic shoes as a teen, or university days scraping money together to go to a concert.  In short, the word budget is rarely associated with anything fun – until now! 

Shift Your Mindset, Shift Your Outcome

When you set a goal you perceive as a struggle, you will always be pushing against and ultimately avoiding that goal.  You will not be motivated to participate, which basically means the result is not that meaningful to you.  You will be half-committed at best and possibly not see it through to the end.  Switch your mindset to understand that your budget is a way for you to control your finances instead of your finances controlling you.  Once you know and understand what you are budgeting for, you can choose to accept and even be proud of your commitment to be financially responsible.   Seeing the full picture may motivate you to earn extra money or stop spending on items that no longer serve you to reinvest in a better option. 

Understanding Your Financial Priorities

Making your money work for you starts by recognizing what you are making and what you are spending.  Only by understanding what comes in and what goes out can you make a plan that works with your income.  Making your dreams come true is not about what you make; it’s how you use it. Identifying your priorities allows you to pinpoint where you spend your money and where you need to cut back. Following a budget isn’t about sacrifice; it is all about financing the things that make you happy and using your money efficiently to ensure you get the most joy out of your life! 

Positive Energy for Positive Results

We’ve all heard the expression, “where focus goes, energy flows.”   Financial matters are no different. You want to invite positive financial energy into your life by getting excited about the opportunities your money affords you.  If you love to travel, a budget will ensure you get to do so. If you love the latest makeup trends, having a budget will allow you to shop for the latest styles. If you love concerts, budgeting will allow you to attend your favorite shows easily. Budgeting isn’t about lack; it’s about abundance. You want to invite in the abundance of joy so you can keep your cup filled with happiness.

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